What does Iron do for the body

Iron is a mineral. It is found in every Cell in the Body. Iron is important for the Physical and Mental well being. It is a part of a Cell and Enzymes used in many cell functions. Iron helps to supply Oxygen throughout the Body. It is a part of Hemoglobin. Iron is essential for the generation of Red Blood Cells. Red Blood Cells carry Oxygen from the Lungs to the whole Body. Lack of Red Blood Cells is called Iron deficiency or Anemia.
Excess of Iron is as bad as deficiency.
There are two types of iron. Heme and Non Heme.
Foods contain both Heme and Non heme Iron. Non Heme Iron is good compared to Heme Iron. Both Irons are consumable by the Body. But with a difference. Non Heme Iron is better than Heme Iron. Heme Iron, when consumed is assimilated in the body and becomes part of the blood even when not required. Non Heme Iron has a self check. When the body has adequate Iron Non Heme stops being assimilated. Result, body can never have excess of it.

Normal Level of Iron in the Body
60 to 170 mcg/dL

Daily requirement of Iron
8000 microgram per day ( 8 mcg/day )

Functions of Iron in the Body
Iron is an important component for Blood generation. Iron carries Oxygen from the Lungs to the rest of the body. It maintains a proper Immune system. Iron fights Bacteria and Viruses. It synthesis the DNA. Iron helps in transmission of the nerve signals. Iron produces neurotransmitters and Proteins.

Benefits of Iron in the Body
Iron helps in proper growth and development of the Body. It metabolizes proteins and helps in the production of Red Blood Cells. Iron helps to transfer oxygen from one body cell to another. It helps in the contraction of the muscles. An Iron molecule is a part of hemoglobin. It helps in treating Insomnia.

Effects of Iron Deficiency in the body
Body Weakness

Causes of Iron deficiency in the Body
Meal Skipping
Hemorrhoids (piles)
Heavy Menstrual Loss
Hookworm Infestation
Frequent Blood donation
Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Symptoms of Iron deficiency in the Body
Appetite Loss
Rapid Heartbeat
Tongue Inflammation
Abdominal Discomfort
Tiredness and Weakness
Cravings for ice, paint or dirt (pica)
Paleness, especially in the hands and lining of the lower Eyelids

Effects of Excess of Iron in the Body
Liver cancer
Alzheimer's Disease
Cardiac Arrhythmias
Color of the Skin becomes dark
Bacterial and Viral Infections

Note. Iron consumed in crude form will actually degrade the quality of blood. Hemoglobin will actually decrease instead of increasing. The word 'crude' means iron in chemical form. Iron to be assimilated must be in molecular form or from food only.

Figures given in brackets indicate amount present in microgram per 100 gram serving :
Information given herein is for informational purposes only. It is not an indicator of what you should do. Please consult your doctor before consuming any food or herb.


Action of Iron
Super Effective

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