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Intestinal Disease

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Intestinal Disease
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Intestinal Disease
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Abdominal Pain
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Intestinal Disease is a disease of the Intestines.
An illness that impairs the functions of the Intestines is Intestinal Disease.

Intestines are the main part of the Digestion process. They begin from the Stomach and lead to the Anus. It is differentiated into the following parts..
Small Intestines
Large Intestines
Most of the absorption of nutrients and minerals takes place in the Intestines. The Intestines receive the partially digested food from the Stomach. It digests the remaining food and absorbe the nutrients from the food. It passes the left over material to the Colon. The feces are expelled out from the Anus. However, if anything goes wrong with the Digestive Tract, it may cause impairment of the Intestines. It may cause the following disorders which are dealt with separately on this portal.
Celiac Disease
Crohn's Disease
Intestinal Cancer
Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Causes of Intestinal Disease

  • Viral Infections
  • Bacterial Infection
  • Contaminated Food and Water
  • If not treated properly, Intestinal Diseases may cause
  • Colon Cancer
  • Intestinal Cancer
Common Names
Body Parts

Materia Medica : Herbal Treatment for Intestinal Disease

Chirata for Intestinal Disease

Mix 2 pinches Chirata powder in one cup lukewarm water and take at night.

Coriander For Intestinal Disease

Put One tablespoon of Coriander seeds in One cup of water. Simmer for 15 minutes. Cool and drink daily for a week.

Curry Plant for Intestinal Disease

Prepare an infusion of One tablespoon leaves and One cup water.
Take One cup per day.

Hepatica for Gallbladder Diseases

Prepare a tincture by using 2 tablespoons dried herb with 1/2 quarts of Whiskey.
Take 10-15 drops, 3 times daily on a suger cube.

Golden Shower ( Amaltas ) Fruit Intestinal Disease

For Children : Apply pulp of Golden Shower ( Amaltas ) Fruit on abdomen.

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